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Imagine If All the Inconsiderate People in the World Were Suddenly Aware of How Inconsiderate They Are?

Imagine if all of the inconsideration that all of the inconsiderate people have plowed over on others was suddenly dealt upon them in a way that made them keenly aware of exactly how inconsiderate they have been. Imagine this made them feel exactly how they made others feel with their blatant, self-centered selfishness. Would they implode, or undergo spontaneous combustion at the realization that all things in life did not revolve around them? Would they simply not care, and continue being as inconsiderate as they had always been? What if each time they were inconsiderate, it bounced right back at them, and they were treated just as inconsiderately? Would they eventually learn how to be more considerate in order to avoid being hit back by it?

I think most inconsiderate people don’t think of themselves as being inconsiderate to others. They don’t see their actions as having a negative impact on other people. They more likely believe the way they move through life is not about how their actions may negatively affect, or be unfair to others. They care only for how their actions will get them what they want regardless of the existence of others.

I don’t know how it is possible that some people can go through life unaware of the fact they are so inconsiderate. How is it that the brains of some people are so completely clueless, while others are completely attuned? I am human on planet earth. #HOPE


For Foxes and Weasels

In his “Sounds” essay, from Walden, Henry David Thoreau says, “I rejoice that there are owls. Let them do the idiotic and maniacal hooting for men.” I like that Thoreau “rejoices” for the owl. So do I. He goes on to say,

It is a sound admirably suited to swamps and twilight woods which no day illustrates, suggesting a vast and undeveloped nature which men have not recognized.

Somehow this sentiment reminds me of how I feel about not only the owl, but the fox and the weasel too. I “rejoice” for the weasel, and the fox when either of them raids a crowded chicken coop sometimes killing all the chickens and not eating a single one, or eating one only. I realize there are many people who dislike the fox and the weasel for this reason. However, maybe the chickens were diseased with some overcrowded chicken coop disease, the bird flu, or some other infectious pathogen from which people are now spared because of the fox or the weasel. Some people don’t see it this way, and instead believe the weasel and fox are “bad” animals because of such behavior. I say, hooray for the cunning little weasels and foxes that kill chickens for reasons “men have not recognized.” I say the fox and the weasel were probably tired of hearing the chickens squawk, and wanted them to shut up and stop squawking. There are too many chickens in the world, and not enough weasels and foxes to help cease the squawking. Maybe if they would have stopped all the squawking, they would have heard the fox or the weasel coming and been able to save themselves. That’s all. I am human on planet earth. #HOPE

Listen to What is Being Said

Most of the time, simply listening to what is being said to us enables, and empowers us with the knowledge we need to proceed.  Often, when we stop talking, and or stop thinking about what we plan to say next so we can hear ourselves talk, and actually use our ears to hear someone else speaking, we discover there are things we don’t know, and what we thought we were going to say actually had nothing to do with what was being said to us at all.  Additionally, if we actually listen to hear what someone is saying, the chances of us misinterpreting what is being said are diminished significantly.

Truly listening to hear what someone is saying can make an enormous difference in the way we progress through each day.  Most of us don’t actually listen.  We talk to someone else, or we are preoccupied with communicating on a mobile device when another person is trying to explain something to us, and when it comes time to actually perform the task, or respond to what was just explained in detail, we are clueless.  If only we would have listened we would know what to do and or how to respond.  We could accomplish the task at hand, advance to the next, and continue to accomplish more, learn more, expand our knowledge base, experience intellectual growth, personal growth, and enlightenment.

If someone is telling us something that is important for us to know in order to proceed and we weren’t listening, it is not their responsibility to repeat themselves, nor are we entitled to having them do so simply because we were too preoccupied among ourselves to hear them the first time they were kind enough to offer us the information.  By no means should we think we are entitled to have them cater to us due to our lack of consideration.  We simply need to get over it, figure it out, move on, and be a better listener next time.

Imagine a world where everyone actually listened for the purpose of hearing what is being said while it is being said.  Imagine what it would be like if everyone actually showed common courtesy to the person speaking to them by not talking during the time they should be listening.  Imagine if we were all considerate enough to listen to one another, sincerely giving our undivided attention to the words we need to hear instead of only hearing what we want to hear, or barely hearing anything because we were too busy listening for the moment we can start talking so we can listen to ourselves talk, even when what we want to hear ourselves say is the same thing someone just said to us.  If only we would have listened we would have known.  I can only imagine. I am human on planet earth. #HOPE