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Dear President Trump:

Dear President Donald Trump,

With all due respect, I have written the following modeled after “A Christmas Carol”, for you President Trump.

Our Ghosts of Environmental Past, Present and Future…… You, President Trump, as yourself, are visited by three ghosts. First, the ghost of America’s Environmental Past…

Fire of 1969
On Sunday, June 22nd, the Cuyahoga caught fire for what was believed to be the 13th time in its history, depending on how many fires were actually counted and/or reported. A slick of oily debris caught fire that day near the Republic Steel operations after a spark from an overhead rail car ignited it. As the burning slick floated down the Cuyahoga, it made its way under the wooden bridges of two key railroad trestles and set them on fire. At times during the blaze, flames climbed as high as five stories, according to Battalion 7 Fire chief Bernard E. Campbell, cited in the Cleveland Plain Dealer the next day. http://www.pophistorydig.com/topics/cuyahoga-river-fires/

Next, a ghost of our environmental present pays you a visit. This one shows you what the years of EPA standards have set into place in our nation. Admire the clean unpolluted lakes, rivers and streams for all families to enjoy, the unpolluted water sources that support all living things, the trees producing our clean air, and all of our beautiful wild-lands. Then, take a deep breath of the clean air we breathe freely without harmful, suffocating pollutants, excessive carbon monoxide gas, extreme unbearable heat, drought, and eventually famine because we cannot grow fresh food for our population. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OYYQEHqJ_c

Finally, a ghost of what our environmental future could be if you continue with your decisions about the KXL, the EPA, and now the Paris Climate Agreement. The following is what you may be leading our nation into:
Imagine, decimated land covered in toxic debris emitting black smoke, while fires burn across open landscape ignited by oil leaks. Flames spread across and burn the tall grasses exposing the topsoil, which in turn is dried up and blown away until nothing can grow there. Look at all the skeletal remains of the birds and animals once thriving there, that are now pecked at by buzzards who then fly into the dusty, smog laden atmosphere, to the next spot along the pipeline where the animal deaths are more recent and they can actually peck at rotting, decaying, maggot infested flesh for their supper. Realize it is only a matter of time before the spilling, leaking oil pollutes the water table and no one can get clean water, unless it is purchased from a spring in Switzerland, which they can’t afford so they suffer from dehydration and die. Meanwhile, you sit in the White House drinking water you had flown in from the Swiss Alps without regard for the starving, dying, dehydrated masses suffering in middle America because the pipeline has been built, the jobs are done and gone, they have no more source of income yet again, and all the money from the very oil that is destroying the land and lives of the very people that helped to build the pipeline it flows through in hopes of making a better life for themselves, is not even going to the funds of anything that provides anything whatsoever to benefit any of the American people, accept, maybe some politicians, lobbyists, and corporate moguls who don’t even need or want for anything. How is that fulfilling your promises to the “disenfranchised” who believed you when you said you were going to “make America great again?”

Great again? For who? You and your cronies looking to maintain tax breaks on income that you don’t even need to live comfortably? What now President Trump? Do you hop in a space capsule, head off to a space station built for you by the Koch brothers, and abandon the desolation you created as if you had nothing to do with it?  Do you simply turn your back on everything and everyone in this nation as if they don’t matter to you? Do they matter to you? Are they not people with hearts, souls, minds, and children with special needs who can’t afford fancy private schools or health insurance, and have no father to give them a large sum of money to help them build their own empire?

President Trump, let’s really fix the mess that is the current state of our nation. Let’s do it, and do it without regard for the Koch brothers, who only want to make sure they have you “under their thumb,” anyway. What good will a booming economy do for us if we destroy those things we need in order to survive as living beings?

“Picture this scenario for a future that is a result of the decisions you are currently making,” said the ghost of our environmental future: The people cried out, in the choking air, with heartache and remorse because they could not change the projected course of darkness, destruction, and despair, which they were warned of year after year. “Forgive us,” they cried. “Let us out,” they screamed. “Once more chance,” they begged. Yet their unheard pleas echoed throughout the hollow domain of barren remains, of a once beautiful place, that has now disappeared, without a trace. I’ve watched birds fly by my window. I’ve seen trees waver in the wind. I’ve heard children crying for their mothers, and I have prayed “forgive us Father we have sinned.” We failed to do what we were told. We left our morals out in the cold. We payed no mind to the ones we’d be leaving behind. We wanted too much too fast; we should have known things like that, they never last. We tried so hard to escape the realities of this environmental rape. The President, he did it all wrong, for the sake of being “economically strong.” He stood for havoc and destruction because he didn’t care; he’d be gone by the time his great grandchildren needed to breathe the air. There’s nothing flying by my window now, there are no trees to waver in the wind, but the children still cry for their mothers, and I still pray, “forgive us Father for we have sinned.”

Life moves on in a mysterious way, for billions of people, their lives are all different on the same day. Life moves on in a mysterious way. We all have sun in the morning and the moon at night. There’s only one planet Earth and one chance to do things right. Do you, President Trump, know this is real life and not make believe? That we all have sun in the morning, and the moon at night? That there is only one Planet Earth, and only one chance to do what is right? Life moves on in a mysterious way, for billions of people, their lives are all different on the same day.

I’m a Human On Planet Earth. What are you?
One sun. One Moon. One Planet. One Race. The Human Race. #HOPE.

President Trump, we can’t “Make America Great” if we destroy it for generations to come, and pursue only what will provide short term economic gain for the price of long term destruction and desolation.  We as a nation can solve the problems of our nation’s economy, not by helping those with more have more, and simply forsaking the less fortunate, under the guise of providing opportunity, but by investing in things that will allow both to prosper.

Please, Mr. President, will you ask yourself if the decisions you are currently making in order to “make America great again” will cause irreversible damage to the clean air, and water we have the first world privilege of accessing here in the U.S.? If you don’t know, beyond reasonable doubt, what the answer to that question is, please do all you can to find out first before you fully commit to going down the road of Global Climate Accord abandonment.

Mr. President, I implore you.  Please don’t forsake our land and people.  Environmentally safe and sound decisions can be made and adhered to while still creating jobs, and boosting our economy. If we invest in clean, green energy, and offer incentives to the conglomerates to also put their dollars toward cleaner, greener manufacture and production across the ‘industrial board,’ if you will, there is more money to be had in that now, and for as long as we need it.

Fossil fuel supplies are limited; they are a finite resource. If we continue to destroy the earth to gain them until they are gone, we will be left with nothing but a depleted, dead planet unable to sustain any living thing including ourselves. Simply because we don’t “feel” affected by the impacts of decisions that are made now in a detrimental way, doesn’t mean we won’t suffer literally suffocating consequences later. Please don’t allow our nation to become a third world country with only the extremely wealthy one percent able to have access to clean, fresh water, and unpolluted air. How would you feel if you learned that your decisions now, caused your son Baron’s future children suffocation, dehydration, or toxic poison?

President Trump, I plead to the deepest depths of your innermost caring, compassionate heart and soul, the lives of your children, grandchildren, and yet to be born great grand children. Will they have the opportunity to see the beauty of this nation before it is destroyed permanently?  Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,